REVEALED: Gladstone’s newest festival

REVEALED: Gladstone’s newest festival

Please find our article from The Observer launching our latest event 'CQ Beer + Cider' below

SAVE the date beer and cider lovers because a new festival is brewing for 2020.

The team at Gladstone Festivals and Events has officially announced the arrival of the CQ Beer + Cider Festival.

Event co-ordinator Tracey French said details were still being confirmed but she was excited to announce the festival.

She said people could now "save the date" and start looking forward to the new event.

"It is a craft beer and cider festival to be held here, locally in Gladstone, for the first time," Miss French said.

"It's about time … it's fitting the scene and the vibe that's in town now, which is youth. It's fitting that."

Miss French said beer and cider festivals were "on trend" and her team was pleased to fill that gap in CQ.

"There are festivals that are filling gaps everywhere but this gap hasn't been filled and there is a niche for it and we are going to try it," she said.

"I think it will go great."

The 18+ festival will be held on Saturday, February 1 from 2-10pm at Albion Park.

Miss French said the event would be used as a fundraiser for the annual free Gladstone Harbour Festival, held in April.

"New events create funds to keep funding the free community event that we put on every year," she said.

Miss French said the festival would give guests the opportunity to taste different types of beers and ciders from a range of craft breweries across Queensland.

The Gladstone Festivals and Events team aims to have live music throughout the afternoon and into the night plus a range of activities and smaller "novelty events" on the day.

In addition to seating provided, guests will be invited to bring their own chairs or
picnic rugs.

"It's a great day out with their friends. They've got Mount Larcom in the background, good music, good vibes, close to town, good price, good food," Miss French said.

"This is an affordable festival in your own hometown."

Pre-sale tickets will be available at some point next month for $25, which includes a program and a recyclable schooner.

The event will be cashless and guests will be required to buy food and drinks inside.