Thank you to all our exhibitors, entertainers, sponsors and attendees for Ecofest - another great year!
Ecofest 2016 saw beautiful sunny skies and over 6,000 people enjoying the GREANhouse Main Guest Speakers tent, over 80 displays, free rides, craft, puppet show and Australia's largest recycled rug.
Award Winners for #Ecofest2016 
Spirit of Ecofest Award - Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia
Sustainability Award - Fitzroy Basin Association with Capricorn Catchment. 
Til #Ecofest2017 - see all the forms and programme below.
Ecofest is an annual environmental festival established to celebrate World Environment Day. It aims to promote positive environmental actions in the Gladstone Region and improve environmental awareness within the community. Ecofest links people with environmental products and services whilst being a fun, interactive family event.
ECOFEST THEME 2016 - 'Small Change Creates Real Change'
So you think your actions don't make a difference to the environment? Learn how a few simple steps can help you to help the environment every day at Ecofest 2016 - CQ's largest free environmental awareness event. The theme to this year's Ecofest is 'Small Change Creates Real Change' and the event aims to highlight how the community can help the environment by making small lifestyle changes. Of course, change is something that we are well accustomed to in the growing Gladstone Region but it does not always happen on the industrial scale that we have witnessed in recent years. Change is constant. By visiting Ecofest and learning how the community's actions, coupled with Council initiatives with industry and businesses, can help make our environment a cleaner and safer one in which to live, work and play, you can contribute to the growing environmental cause.
GREANhouse Main Stage Program
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Ecofest is coordinated by Gladstone Festival and Events on behalf of the Gladstone Regional Council.  To go to the Gladstone Regional Council's Ecofest page please click here:


For sponsorship opportunities please call Jen in the office on 4972 5111

The Ecofest concept was developed by the Boyne Island Environmental Education Centre (BIEEC) after staff heard world environmental expert David Bellamy, speak in 1998.  Mr Bellamy commented on the surprisingly good balance that existed between industry and the environment in the Gladstone Region. He was also impressed by the level of community involvement and suggested that the Region should promote its environmental performance.

Ecofest has been a part of the Gladstone Region for over 15 years. It has received continued support from the community and industry alike. So, what keeps people coming back year after year?
• Sense of pride and achievement gained from contributing positively to the local region’s environment.
• Creates positive local role models through which family and community members demonstrate the
importance of community participation and environmental responsibility.
• Establishes a sense of belonging to the community, and promotes local environmental groups.
• Helps to educate and inform the Gladstone Region community about the environment, and local industry
environmental initiatives.
• A social day where you can spend time with your family, friends and neighbours.

A green event
Gladstone Regional Council aims to reduce the environmental footprint of Ecofest. To achieve this goal, $1000 from each Gold Sponsorship will
be used to fund projects or initiatives within the local community. In 2014 Conservation Volunteers Australia received $2,000 for
additional planting of Australian native trees in the Gladstone Region.

The festival has a unique hands-on and interactive focus, with a range of activities PLUS a variety of environmentally focused stalls and displays featuring the region’s major industry, local businesses and volunteer organisations.





  • Sunday 4th June 2017
  • Tondoon Botanic Gardens
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